Bourbon is without a doubt America's spirit.  Sweet, smooth, oaky and down
right enjoyable.  Our Master Distiller integrates three generations of know how
into every bottle of Don Quixote bourbon whiskey.  We are the only bourbon
distiller employing a moonshine era "thumper" in our production process.  Our
bourbon is aged a minimum of four years in charred American oak barrels.  We
manage the climate in our barrel room to both minimize our carbon foot print
and to maximize our aging process.  In other words, a four year old Don Quixote
bourbon is like a seven year old commercial whiskey ...that's what smart
engineering can accomplish.

Our Bourbon can be ordered on-line.  Visit our on line store, or  Contact us (505) 695-0817.
While every bourbon is a whiskey not all whiskeys can be bourbon.  In order to become a bourbon, the
whiskey must satisfy five conditions.  First, the whiskey has to be made in America.  Second, the whiskey
has to be distilled from a mash that is at least 55% corn.  Third, the whiskey has to be aged in a new
American Oak barrel.  Fourth, the barrel has to charred on the inside, and fifth, the whiskey has to be aged
a minimum of three years.

Don Quixote Blue Corn Bourbon is made from 75% New Mexico organic blue corn, 23% wheat and 2%
barley.  Unlike most distillers, we use only whole grains naturally malted and never cooked.  This requires a
slow gentle mashing process that must be carefully monitored but the result is an unmistakably smooth
and balanced spirit like no others.  The blue corn provides many advantages to a distiller that other corns
cannot match....the least of which is that the New Mexico blue corn is magical.  If you don't believe me,
consult ancient lore...because the ancients never told tales.

Try this native American Whiskey straight, over ice, or as a compliment to your favorite cocktail. Visit either
of our two tasting rooms or order on won't be disappointed.

Sold in 750ml bottles at 40% Alc. by Vol.  
    Unlike other Spirits producers, we do not grind our grains or cook them prior to fermentation.  We do not add
    chemicals or enzymes to the wash (i.e., grain mash) prior to distillation or add any chemicals to the spirit after

    Like all Don Quixote spirits, we never color, flavor, or texturize our vodkas.  We provide to you, the goodness of
    what God and nature provided us.
Don Quixote Distillery & Winery(TM)
Home of the World Famous Blue Corn Bourbon
Don Quixote Distillery & Winery is a subsidiary of Dolin Distillery Incorporated, 236 Rio Bravo, Los Alamos, NM 87544 (505) 695-0817.